RafaPuede Foundation


Fundación RafaPuede is a nonprofit private organization founded by Rafael Moreno’s parents in 2015. Rafa was born in 2009 with Moebius syndrome. Moebius syndrome is a nonprogressive craniofacial/neurological disorder that manifests itself primarily in facial paralysis. Individuals with Moebius syndrome cannot smile or frown, and do not have lateral eye movements. Many individuals with Moebius syndrome also have skeletal involvement with limb abnormalities and other physical limitations. Nevertheless, Rafa can learn, discover end enjoy as any other child can. The physical limitations of disabled people require adaptations and assistive technological devices to enable them to effectively interact with their environment.

The mission of RafaPuede Foundation is i) the development of new technologies and adaptive products to help people of all ages with disabling conditions and ii) promote activities that help individuals in their social relationships, reinforcing the fact that diversity enriches the community.